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Zepto Laser

Cataract surgery has seen many advancements: stitchless, injection free surgery microincisions, blade-less surgery cold phaco technology and use of innovative intra-ocular lenses which are known to decrease dependency on glasses

Cataract procedure involves creating a circular opening (known as capsulotomy) in the natural cataractous lens capsule and then performing a safe phaco-emulsification of cataract through it. At the end, the intra-ocular lens (IOL) is implanted in the capsule Learning how to consistently produce around, circular capsulotomy is one of the most skilled elements of the surgery and is often what makes the difference between a good cataract surgery and a great one.

Capsulotomy is crucial. It determines success and safety of cataract surgery Currently capsulotomy is performed manually to make this surgery safer US-based medical device company Mynosys has developed a path-breaking Zepto capsulotomy system using precision-pulse technology for creating round, automated, robotic precision. quick and strong capsulotomy opening

Well-defined capsulotomy translates into added safety in cataract surgery leading to better vision outcomes. Advantages including better IOL stability and less chances of IOL to get displaced from position.

Dr David Chang (USA) compared manual vs Zepto capsulotomy in a study publishing results in American Academy of Ophthalmology that Zepto-Cap was stronger and more reproducible. Recently India's first Zepto-guided cataract surgery was per-formed by Dr Vardhaman Kankariya at Asian Eye Hospital, a center of eye care excellence in Pune. Zepto technology in India was launched in Jaipur during the Annual Conference of All India Ophthalmological Society (AIOS) in the presence of Dr Vardhaman, Dr Shrutika Kankariya, AIOS president Dr Ramamurthy John Hendrick (CEO, Zepto Technology USA), Dr Prakash Kankariya, and Lal Dave The Kankariyas have pioneered many path-breaking treatments for cataract and laser vision correction. They said, *Path-breaking 2epto guided cataract surgery will start a new era of safer and more precise challenging cataract surgeries alike. We feel proud to pioneer this innovative technology in India."