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About Dr. Sudha Kankariya

Dr. Sudha Kankaria is a multidimensional personality who devoted her life towards social causes. Dr Sudha is from devoted social background. Her parents Mr. Nagnath Phatale, Her mother in law Mankuwarbai Kankaria Kotecha, Hiralalji Kotecha, Shantabai Kotecha, sacarified their life for freedom of this country. Dr. Sudha Kankaria is an Ophthalmologist by profession. Along with her medical services, she is the pioneer of the national movement Save Girl Child - Beti Bechao in the year 1985. This movement was first started in the India by Dr. Dr. Sudha. This is also recorded in the Wonder Book of World Records. Her work was appreciated by two Presidents. In 2007, “Nirmalgram Award” was conferred upon her by the hands of President of India Hon. Abdul Kalam. In the year 2008 President of India Hon. Pratibhatai Patil praised the movement in a personal visit. The University of Mountains in Europe honored Dr. Sudha with "Womon Excellence Award”. An International Publishing House also honored her work in the important book “Man of Achievement”. On behalf of Savitribai Phule Pune University Lifetime Achievement Award was conferred upon Dr. Sudha by the hands of then President Hon. Pratibhatai Patil. Dr.Sudha Kankaria is the recipient of more than 150 awards such as Savitribai Phule Award, Ramabai Ambedkar Award, Punyashlok Ahilya Devi Hollar Award and many more. The reflection of Sudnatai's great social service was also reflected on the postage stamp. It is a matter of great honor that a postal ticket with the name and photo Dr. Sudha Kankaria has also been published. Dr. Sudha has received the National Award for Save Girl Child Mission in India by the hands of the Governor of Maharashtra Hon. Ramesh Bais at Raj Bhavan in Mumbai

Dr. Sudha Kankaria

Dr. Sudha has not only created the awareness but also developed an 11-point action program for save the girl child and implemented it in the society and trying to built up this movement in all over the country. Dr. Sudha Kankaria introduced an innovative concept of ATHVA FERA 8th vow in the Marriage ceremony. “Nakoshila Karuya Havishi” Through this a useful new step has been taken. So far more than 1200 unwanted girls renamed and more than 11 thousand couples have taken the eight step or 8th vow of save the girl child. Through collective Oath Dr. Sudha has absorbed more than 30 lakh people into this movement. Under the guidance of Dr. Sudha thousands of resolutions has passed. It includes Gramsabha, Credit cooperative society. Colleges, schools Women's Circle, Nehru Yuva Kendra, Municipal Council, Municipal Corporation, Sugar Factory, Rotary Club, Lions Club, All these organizations have passed the resolution with active participation. For public education and social awareness Dr. Sudha has written books like “Stree Janmache Swagat Kara”, “Beti Nahi To Bahu Kahase Laoge?”, “Priya Godulis”, “Meditation Chi Jadugiri” and some poetry collections also. All these books have been read on Ahmednagar and Pune Akashvani respectively and Mandeshi Tarang Vahini has broadcast 75 consecutive lectures of Dr. Sudha on the topic 'Stree Janmacha Utsav Hach Khara Amritmahotsav.

Along with the universities Dr. Sudha has created awareness among the youth. With the active participation of NCC And NSS students she arranged various seminars on this issue. She has played vital role as a member of the Government PCPNDT State Advisory Committee. Dr. Sudha has directly or indirectly contributed in saving thousand female fetuses through the movement History will surely record her contribution.

Under the Mars Mission 2026 by US NASA 2024. The identity and name of selected world dignitaries will be sent by chip. It is matter of honor that using those selected talents Dr. Sudha Kankaria's name has been included. Also, German television and radio California , broadcasted a programme on Save Girl Child. Dr. Dr. Sudha's work was spread around the world through these broadcasting. Well known media houses such as Times News Feed, Times of India Delhi, BBC London appreciated Dr. Sudha’s work too.

Dr. Sudha’s work for eye care brought light to the lives of blind brothers and sisters through eye donation and prevention of blindness. She is the brand ambassador of 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Polio eradication, Village Development Project, Swachh Bharat Mission, Wasteland Development, Dance, Children's Drama, Song, Music, Literature. She has provided free healing services to more than 9000 corona patients without the fear of corona pandemic. Dr. Sudha had arranged a special Raja yoga Meditation programme for prison inmate.

Dr Sudha Kankaria has continuously served Balrangabhumi from since last 25 years with Kankaria Karandak. In the last 25 years, more than 500 teams, 8 thousand child actors have participated in this competition. Thousands of viewers have enjoyed this event since last many years. Due to this expression of art, many child artists were shown their talent and got the chance in films, professional dramas, serials and other bigger paltforms. Dr. Sudha Kankaria has produced and edited a souvenir book “Rangmanch” specially dedicated to the children's theatre. We are sure that The souvenir “Rangmanch” will be known as a bibliography and an educational book in the curriculum of children's theatre.

As a sanitation and environment ambassador, Dr. Sudha has played her role well. Through imaginative tree plantation as well as development at waste land, proper management of waste water, an exemplary project of environmental conservation Saiban has been created and the object after culture has been created. Briefly it can be said about Dr. Sudha that – A conscientious doctor enriching various relationships such as mother, wife, daughter-in-law, passionate social activist, gentle-hearted poetess, gifted writer, Nritya Tilaka who pramotes classical dance, devoted herself continuously for 25 years in children's drama movement. An artist who works by giving, a researcher who gives scope for experimentation, a revolutionary who takes her torical steps useful for new society, a visionary who coordinates science and spirituality. Creator of the world's first Third Eye Clinic in a eye hospital. Creator of Saiban Meditation Hill under 'Saiban Mein Madhuban'. Tree Lover Nature Lover, Promoter of Sustainable Yogic Farming. Also Rajayogi practitioners who promote and propagate Rajayoga meditation through Peace Park, Srishtichakra, Pushpak Viman, Nakshatra Udayan and Rajayoga Meditation Exhibitions and adopt the yogic way of life considering Rajayoga meditation as life. Welcome womanhood-save daughter-save girl child is the first thought and movement in the world An activist who has dedicated her whole life and an able speaker who wins the hearts of the listeners with her scholarly flowing speech, a woman who lives a rich-ideal life by taking live Jewels such as Art-qualities-virtue, service, skill, simple living and high thinking from her personality! I mean Dr. Sudha Kankaria!

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